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Tips for Keeping the Teeth Healthy

Here is Dr. K from Dental Emergency Toronto. In In this article, you will learn important tips for maintaining your teeth as healthy as possible. In general, most of dentists in their offices do not have the time and opportunity to remind you these notes.

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1- If you do not brush your teeth after every meal, be sure to brush at least at night before bedtime.

2- After eating every meal, please clean your teeth with dental floss containing fluoride.

3- Stop taking tobacco.

Smoking cigarette or any kind of tobacco will increases the risk of oral cancer and tooth decay. Smoking can cause bad breath and yellowish teeth.

4- Try to eat sweet foods as little as possible.

Failure to observe oral hygiene leads to the formation of a microbial layer (plaque) in the teeth. Two to five minutes after using sugar and food, destructive acids are produced by the action of microbes in the microbial layer and they remain in the mouth for about 20 minutes to an hour. Repeated production of these acids leads to erosion of the enamel surface of the teeth and causes the formation of a cavity on it. So try to eat as little as possible.